Tôi đã hoàn thiện quy trình chải tóc của mình để có được những lọn tóc gội đầu hoàn hảo được xác định rõ ràng mọi lúc! Bây giờ là lúc để tôi chia sẻ CÁCH SỬ DỤNG một mẹo và thủ thuật KHÁC BIỆT!

Nguồn: https://omartvietnam.com/

tại đây: https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=aimn4O64n0s

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  1. You're so gorgeous! ❤ I love your hair and your accent 🤗 thank you for helping me improve my diffusing skills😉❤

  2. There are different techniques. To set the curl you make sure hair is drenched wet and add leave in conditioner comb through then lay hair in the dish and dry on low or medium. It will make hair more voluminous. Professional hair stylist lay the hair on the dish of diffuser .

  3. I watched her tutorial too. I think I need help with the styling. I raked the products in and use a wide tooth comb. I do to do more scrunching.

  4. Sometimes I think 🤔,there isn’t enough time in the day for me to do so much around the house ,like where is the time going !!! I turn around and look in the mirror to finish doing my curly hair get frustrated cuz it’s gonna take for it to dry 1 hr or 2 and I PAUSE AND SAY ,,,,well duh my hair ,,,,I wish it would dry FASTER LIKE IN 20 mnts tops.

  5. Fantastic! I all about gave up on using my diffuser after several failed attempts but I decided to give it 1 more try I used your tips today & success! Thanks so much!

  6. What if you use the towel to get most of the water out then add the products to your hair, in that way the products are not diluted with the water. Pease try that way and see if the results are better.
    Beautiful hair

  7. I'm definitely going to try this in the morning! Thank you 😊 Usually for a good hair day, I wash my hair the night before, add my hair products, use the Denman brush, let it dry and then go to bed and while I sleep, my hair gets volume and fluff out and then I add little touch ups the next day. If I do it the day of, then my hair would look too stringy like I would have the "fresh out of the shower look" all day (I have thin curly hair so it takes a long time for my hair to get volume which is why the sleeping in it helps using satin pillow case to fluff up without causing frizz)

  8. I hate dyson . I know u r making money by exaggerate trash Dyson. It burnt my curly hair even with the lowest temperature . next several years people will know about the reality just like deva products.

  9. When did she actually diffuse and shape the curl ??? She could’ve used it without the diffuser since she didn’t use it anyway

  10. I tried this technique last night and it worked so well!!! Thank you so much. My curls were define with no frizz. I guess I’ve been using the diffuser wrong this whole time.

  11. Omg, I am jealous. I have medium to low porosity 2B/2C hair and it can take me a whole day to air dry it (sometimes it's not even fully dry). If I am diffusing it takes me 30minutes straight with having diffuser as close to my hair as possible lol I tried this method once and it took me around hour to have my hair about 70% dry 🙁

  12. Just a suggestion – if you plop before or whatever your method you won't ring out and waste product. If you do it after you're just wasting/ squeezing out product you need.

  13. 💀 I’m trying to fix my curls because I’m the only person who has curls in my family whom has straight hair

  14. BTS on her phone case 😍😍😍 i love seeing other Army’s of color because it just shows how the cultural barrier is torn down

  15. Girl you didn't need a diffuser for that hair. You could've have put the product in your hair and use a blow dryer or use nothing.

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